Cleanroom Dentistry

Cleanroom Dentistry

What is Cleanroom Dentistry?

At Summerwood Family Dental, safety and sanitation are two of our top priorities. Our treatment rooms are equipped with certified state-of-the-art aerosol extraction systems to help reduce the risk of infectious diseases. With the current pandemic and COVID-19 safety protocols, our team wanted to ensure the utmost safety for both our patients and staff. Cleanroom dentistry traps 99.9% of all viruses and filters the air through a high-efficiency filter to keep the air clean and germ-free. This technology changes the air in each treatment room 12 times per minute.

Our treatment areas were completely redesigned to accommodate the new Cleanroom Dentistry technology. This technology removes particles from the air and exhausts the removed air out of the building using an extraction arm. The extraction arm captures the bacteria and germs before they are inhaled. This helps to prevent the spread of contaminants and keeps the treatment rooms clean. Summerwood Family Dental is the first dental practice to install these high-level safety and sanitization measures.

How does Cleanroom Dentistry work?

In dentistry, multiple tools are being used that contain air or water. These tools operate at a fast rate of speed and can create a cloud of bacteria or viruses in our treatment rooms. Our Cleanroom Dentistry technology can isolate the aerosols and provide both ventilation and filtration, extracting the harmful bacteria and viruses out of the building.

Summerwood Family Dental added a new HEPA filtration system to our building that uses both UV and charcoal to remove particles from the air and keep our air clean. In addition, each treatment room has an extraction arm that exhausts the removed bacteria and particles from the building to prevent contact with patients and staff. Cleanroom Dentistry helps to keep our patients and staff safe and ensures our patients have a positive experience when they visit our office.

Benefits of Cleanroom Dentistry

  • Cleanroom Dentistry removes aerosols and droplets from the air to prevent contact with patients and staff.
  • Treatment rooms are isolated to contain any aerosols and to ensure the pathogens are removed through the High-Efficiency Filtration System (HEPA).
  • An Nederman oral suction system is installed in each treatment room and is positioned near the mouth during each appointment to help remove aerosols immediately.
  • Our HEPA filtration system creates proper airflow and refreshes the air in the room to ensure any contaminants are removed.
  • The airflow, collection of contaminants, and filters are all regularly monitored and measured to ensure proper air quality.
  • The HVAC system cleans the air in the treatment rooms and also purifies the air throughout the entire office.
  • All of our dental instruments are sterilized using a Class A/A2 Biosafety cabinet that is fully enclosed and contains all aerosols.
  • Our Cleanroom system exceeds the certification requirements by the CDC, ASHRE, TSS, Airstream, and much more.
What is Cleanroom Dentistry?

What can I expect when I visit Summerwood Family Dental for my appointment?

When patients visit our office for their dental appointment, they can relax and stay at ease. We create a welcoming and calm environment for all of our patients and always ensure they have a positive experience.

Summerwood Family Dental provides quality dentistry you can trust in a safe and clean environment. We give our patients individualized attention and always have their best interests in mind. Our treatment rooms equipped with Cleanroom technology give us the ability to provide exceptional care in the safest environment possible.

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